Sunday, 4 March 2018

Busy Room 12

1st March 2018

We have been having lots of fun and doing lots of learning in Room 12. We decided that we needed to make a house for Davy D's dog after reading the big book.

First we designed our dog houses.

Next we discussed what we needed and began construction. There was much enthusiasm and engagement. Click below to watch the live action.

The final products.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Room 12 have been super busy with our learning during Term 3!

It is fun to try something different, and with 21 students now in our classroom, we decided to have an activity where we practice our writing, wearing headphones and having our own voting booths, to help with concentration.  We really liked it!

We had a monster time with some monster books, and decided to write our own monster book to take home.  We all wrote five stories! and published our books.

This monster is lovely.

I think he likes play dough.

 I think she likes cake.

Room 12 have some new blocks that we make our own designs with and sometimes copy the designs on the pages.

Team effort!

Special castle to visit.

Eiffel Tower!


Dinosaur haven!

In term 3 it was Room 12's turn to display our learning in the Administration Block foyer for all the visitors and parents to see.  We had been reading about Mrs Wishy-Washy's meanies!  We made a book about Mrs Wishy-Washy and wrote our own stories - we also had Mrs Wishy-Washy math games.
Here is own display - with the meanies hanging off the line - Mrs Wishy-Washy had washed them, and hung them out to dry!

 Here are our class meanies that we made - hanging out to dry too!

Inquiry:  Exploration - how do we explore?
In Term 3 we have been studying how do we explore things - what do we need? who can help us, where can we go and explore?

We looked at lots of cities around the world and listened to different languages.  We learned to say 'hello' in French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.  Some students remembered how to say hello in Fijian too!

We made our own city out of recycled cartons and tubes.

We looked at books that were about explorers and other languages (French and Te Reo).

We talked about things we would need to explore and why - passport, transport, soft toy!


We then decided to explore Paris (France) and find out what is in Paris, 
and ways to explore Paris.

We drew our own Eiffel Towers.

The students discovered that Paris has underground trains (RER) and a river running through the city (River Seine), and some special buildings - Eiffel Tower and Arc du Triomphe (Arch of Triumph).  We realised we can explore Paris by underground train, by boat, by bike, by bus, and by walking! 

The Eiffel Tower.

 Roads and river.

Bus and Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower, underground trains, French flag!

Paper mache pigs!
As part of our financial capability week this term, we decided to make our own piggy banks.
First we glued 3-4 layers of newspaper onto a balloon - it was messy fun!

Then we took the balloon out! and glued on their nose, feet and ears.

Next we painted them white, and hung them out to dry!

We designed what we would like our pigs to look like!
We base painted them ... 

then decorated them!

(in the end we liked them too much to put a hole in them to save money!)

And our term ended with the school disco!

That's all for now - looking forward to another action packed term of learning!

Mrs Taylor